Administrative Services

Municipal Commissioner is the Chief Executive Officer next to the Mayor.

The city administration has 15 departments, functioning under the Municipal Commissioners purview.

Municipal Commissioners Secretariat

Municipal Commissioner
Mrs. Roshanie Dissanayake

Attorney at Law

Sri Lanka Administrative Service - Grade I, Bsc.(Hons), LLB (OUSL)MPM (Project Management), PGD  (IR), DIPPCA 

  • 011-2678425/2695121
  • 011-2694640
Assistant Municipal Commissioner
  • (011) 011 2680115 / 2695121 / 2691191 Ext. 568
  • (011) 2694640
Chief Internal Auditor
Mrs. S S Shiroma Nandani

(S.L.Acc. S. - I), B. Com. (SP), PFA, MA (Econ.)

  • 0112-254745
  • 071-8152375

Administrative Officers (011) 2695121


Assistant Director(Planning)
Mr. W S U Prabath

Planning and Development Centre will work in close coordination with all departments of the CMC to provide high quality, effective and efficient municipal services to residents and daily users of the City to fulfill their requirements delightfully by offering them the most upgraded infrastructure and welfare facilities and maintain a prosperous and ecofriendly environment to uplift the City to the standard of the best city in South Asia.

We join hands with each department to achieve our goals through exchanging and respecting to ideas of the senior management.

We perform the task of;

  • Preparing quarterly Progress Reports.
  • Preparing Annual Action plan.
  • Providing necessary assistance for each department in preparing their annual progress reports.
  • Providing development requirements and guidance on implementation.
  • Providing Resource Profile.
  • Preparing handbook on Statistics.
  • Preparing Development Proposals and Project Reports.
  • Providing necessary assistance to Municipal Treasurer’s Depatment to prepare Budget proposals.