Municipal Treasurer
(Mrs.) S. S. Shiroma Nandani
Deputy Municipal Treasurer(Finance & Administration)
Mrs. A. K. D. L. S. Amaradasa
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  • 011-2695110
  • 2691191-381


  • 2686430/2672729
  • 2691191-238/308


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  • 011-2697306
  • 2691191-390
Deputy Municipal Treasurer (Revenue)
Mr. A. M. Nandana Rajapaksha Bandara
  • 011-2692465


Your rates may be paid at Shroff Counter at the Town Hall, any branch of Bank of Ceylon or People's Bank within the City Limit of Colombo except the Town hall Branch.

A 10% Discount will be offered to those who settle their rates for each year before 31st January. Those settling their rates for the quarter before the last date of the first month of each quarter will gain a discount of 5%.

Failure to settle rates on the due date will carry a surcharge of 15% for residential properties and 20% for Business places.

Contact - 2693136/4360847

General - 2691191 322/323/391

Payment Procedure

  • On every working day between 9.30 a.m. 3.30 p.m. at Shroff Counters, Town Hall
  • At any branch of Bank of Ceylon within the city limit by filling the special bank slip available at the bank for the CMC rates payment which is to be submitted directly to the bank counter (View Specimen Bank Slip )
  • At any branch of Peoples Bank within the city limit except the Town Hall branch by filling the special bank slip available at the bank for the CMC rates payment which is to be submitted directly to the bank counter
  • Via internet if you are a Commercial Bank Account Holder

Other Revenue

01.Collecting Taxes

  • Tax on Trade
  • Tax on Business
  • Tax on Sales and Lands
  • Entertainment Tax

02.Issuing Licenses

  • Trade Licenses for Trade Stalls & Shops - Refer the Trade License Hand Book
  • Public Performance License - Casual/Cinema Hall
  • Club License
  • Auctioneer and Broker License

03.Issuing Certificates

  • Non-vesting Certificate

04.Collecting Rent

  • Lease Rent
  • Market rent
  • Council owned other Stalls, Houses and Hawkers Pitches


  • New Town Hall
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Viharamahadevi Park
  • Sathutu Uyana

06.Hire of Reception Halls

  • Keththarama
  • Duplication Road
  • Jinthupitiya
  • Vihara Lane
  • Central Road
  • Parakrama Road
  • Stanly Jance
  • Kichilan
  • Nazeer
  • Kuppiyawatta
  • Bonjiyan
  • Milton Liyanage
  • H.M.Mohomad
  • Peiterson Lane
  • E.D.Dabare Mawatha
  • Wasala Road
  • Muthuwella Road
  • Mihindu Mawatha
  • Mattakkuliya
  • Ketawalamulla
  • Gothamee Road
  • Kirulapone Mawatha
  • Jayantha Weerasekara
  • Magasine Road
  • Fais Mancil
  • Symonds Road
  • Vincernt Perera
  • Alavi Maulana

Contact - 2693162
General - 2691191 318/327

Deputy Municipal Treasurer (Information Technology & Central Accounts)
Ms. R. Manamperi

Central Accounts

This division is responsible for preparing Annual Accounts using the computerized system to submit to the Auditor General based on the Municipal Council Ordinance & preparing and monitoring the Annual Budget.

Contact - 5669984
General - 2691191-313


The main role of the stores account division is maintaing the stores control accounts. There are sixteen stores functioning under the Colombo Municipal Council. Stores documents are obtained from these stores and being entered to the accounts system. Annually a computerized Bin Card is being processed for the purpose of control of the stores. Finally the details of stock is sent to the Final Accounts.

Contact - 5669710
General - 2691191-309

Information Technology

Municipal Treasure Dept. Computer Division has established in 1980. Now Entire Revenue and Expenditure functions are computerized up to the final accounts. The system facilitates an effective and efficient service to the Rate payers and internal officers for their needs, and enhances the customer relationship.

Contact - 0112 082 874
General - 2691191- 384 / 307
Email -