Engineering Services

Deputy Municipal Commissioner (Engineering services)
Eng. (Mrs) Y Sylvester

  • 011-2696173
  • 011-2696264
Director Engineering Workshop Eng. L. B. Kumudulal Office : 011 - 2695569
Fax : 011 - 2695718
Deputy Director Engineering Workshop Eng. L K Silva
General Office: 175, T.B.Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10. Tel: (011) 2696161,
Fax: (11)2695718

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services for the operational activities of the council are provided by the Municipal Workshop. Maintenance of vehicles and machinery, operation of street lights in the city and steel fabrication work are the main activities of the Municipal Workshop.

Equipment Secretariat headed by the Equipment Manager manages the fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Street lighting in the city is one of the important services provided by the council. Council has planned to convert all manual operated street lights to automatic switching with an aim of power saving and precise time operation. Another two pilot projects have been started to use solar powered street lamps at selected locations and installation of low power consuming LED lamps.

Technical Staff of the Municipal Workshop

Tel : 2673686
Eng. A.A.Jayawardene B.Sc(Eng.)
Deputy Director Engineering (Electrical)
Tel : 2683554
Eng. R M Jayasena
Deputy Director Engineering (Maintenance)
Tel : 2674463
Eng. L.K.Silva B.Sc(Eng.), MIE(SL), C.Eng.
Mechanical Engineer (Maintenance I)
Tel : 2693861
Eng. H.M.C.Dedhananda B.Sc (Eng.)
Mechanical Engineer (Maintenance I)
Tel : 227594
Eng.R.M.Jayasena B.Sc(Eng.)
Mechanical Engineer (Production)
Tel : 2678345
Eng.P.G.Liyana Arachchi B.Sc(Eng.)
Electrical Engineer (Street Lighting)
Tel : 2683554
Eng.P.K.Y.N.Kulasekara B.Sc(Eng.)
Electrical Engineer (Building & Motor Winding)
Tel : 2683554
Eng.P.G.Liyana Arachchi B.Sc(Eng.)
Electrical Engineer (Development & Consumer Services)
Tel : 2683554

Technical Staff of the Equipment Secretariat

Eng. W.K.S.Piyatunga B.Sc(Eng.), MIE(SL), C.Eng.
Equipment Manager
Tel : 2696320
Eng. A.N.J.Suraweera B.Sc(Eng.)
Mechanical Engineer
Tel : 2696320

Street Light Help Desk

Should you have any problem about street lighting please contact the help desk.

Tel : 2693427(direct) , 2696161, 2691952 Ext 238

If the complain is not attended within three days please contact the Deputy Director Engineering (Electrical)

Tel: (11) 2683554 / 0777- 313245

Director Engineering (Traffic, Design & Road Safety)
Eng. (Mrs.) G A C R Ganepola

Deputy Director Engineering (Traffic & Road Design)
Eng. (Mrs) S A K Subasinghe
  • 011-2665860
  • 011-2686605
Deputy Director Engineering (Planning & Studies)
Eng. (Mrs.) B S Abeygunawardhena
  • 011-2665860
  • 011-2665860
Deputy Director Engineering (Structurlal Designs)
Eng. P A Chandrapala
  • 011-2698397
  • 011-2698397
Chief Architect (Architectural Design)
Mr M.C.L Fernando
  • 011-2686786


The Traffic & Road Safety Division of the CMC is responsible for efficient management of road network & road furniture, facilitating the road safety and minimizing traffic floor in the city

  1. Road Design
  2. Intersection design
  3. Traffic signal design, Installation & maintenance
  4. Lane Marking
  5. Identifying safe locations for Pedestrian Crossings ensuring safety of pedestrians & installation of pelican crossings, marking of pedestrian crossings etc.
  6. Traffic studies
  7. Traffic counting
  8. Road furniture design, installation & maintenance
  9. Road safety education
  10. Street light design, installation & maintenance of a Part of the city
  11. Designing of Road side parking, tendering & management
  12. Private sector participation projects for traffic infrastructure implementation.
  13. Preparation of project proposals for infrastructure development within the city for funding agencies.


The Structural Design Division manages the preparation of Working Structural Drawings, Bills of Quantities (BOQs) for construction services and provides construction inspection services for ongoing projects. The Design Division, Performs many services throughout the year as listed below.

  1. Liaising of soil investigation
  2. Structural designs of buildings
  3. Service designs of buildings such as electrical, water supply, sewer etc.
  4. Preparation of Bills of Quantities for new buildings, renovations and improvements
  5. Preparation of specifications
  6. Preparation of Departmental Estimates
  7. Preparation of structural and service drawings.


The Architectural Design Division manages production of Architectural Plans for buildings and landscaping services.

  1. Site inspection
  2. Preparations of conceptual plans
  3. Building designing
  4. Construction detailing
  5. Assist Drafting
  6. Check B.O.Q.s


Operation of Bus Priority Lane

Colombo Municipal Council is working with the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development together with other stake holders such as University of Moratuwa, Road Development Authority, Sri Lanka Police, and Bus operating organizations in designing infrastructure for Bus Priority Lane Operation.

As the premier Local Authority of the area, it is our duty to facilitate such national requirements with the knowledge and capacities of the Engineers in Colombo Municipal Council.

The Bus priority lane operation was started on 15/08/2017. The implementation was done section by section for easy management. The road sections implemented during year 2017 are as follows.

  • Moratuwa (Cross Junction) to Maliban Junction (Towards Colombo)
  • Savoy Cinema– Pittala Handiya (Towards Colombo)
  • Polduwa Junction to Ayurveda Junction (Towards Colombo)
  • Independence Mawatha to Thunmulla Junction (Outwards Colombo)
  • Fort to Slave Island (Outwards Colombo)
  • Slave Island to Pettah (Towards Colombo)
  • Borella Junction to Technical Junction (Towards Colombo)

Since the results from the post monitoring studies and the response from the bus travelers and Bus Operators are satisfactory, it is planned to extend this facility to following road sections in year 2018.

  • Thunmulla Junction Albert Crescent (Museum) (Towards Colombo)
  • Ingurukade Junction to Maradana Station (Towards Colombo)
  • Technical Junction to Ingurukade Junction (Outwards Colombo)
  • Rajagiriya Junction to Polduwa Junction (Outwards Colombo)
  • Technical Junction to Borella Junction to (Towards Colombo)

All the design and construction works of the roads within CMC limits is being done by the CMC engineers and the workforce

Director Engineering (Projects)
Eng. R.M.L.D.Bandara

  • 011-2692403
  • 011-2692403
  • This division co-ordinates and manages all construction work for the Council let under contracts. The work includes contract administration and supervision of Construction Projects.
  • Management and construction of pre-selected Council projects under direct labour basis is also a part of the responsibilities of the division.
  • This division also coordinates all projects proposed under allocations of Municipal Councillors and projects referred to C.M.C by the Western Provincial Council and Members of Parliament under Decentralized Budget.
  • Should you have any inquires about these works, you should, in the first instance contact the Director of this Division, Director Engineering (Projects).
  • Contact Details


    Deputy Director Engineering(Constructions)

    Eng. V P NanayakkaraTele : +94 11 2675591

    Deputy Director Engineering(Contracts)

    Eng. V P NanayakkaraTele : +94 11 2694573
    Mobile : +94 77 9707010

    Deputy Director Engineering (Constructions)

    Eng. M.T.A. HafeelTele : +94 11 2675591
    Mobile : +94 77 7537896
    Fax : +94 11 2675591

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. (Mrs.)H.E.I.KarunarathnaTele : +94 11 2694573
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. H.A.Sena Tele : +94 11 2681120
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. R.I.G.SamaranayakeTele : +94 11 2681120
    Mobile : +94 71 8147025
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. L R W S S RajasekaraTele : +94 11 2681120
    Mobile : +94 77 7537893
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. (Mrs.) H P Ranasinghe Tele : +94 11 2681120
    Mobile : +94 71 7895565
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. (Mrs.) A R N Jayasuriya Tele : +94 268120
    Mobile : +94 71 8659427
    E-mail :

    Engineer (Constructions)

    Eng. G.S.UdayangaTele : +94 2681120
    Mobile : +94 77 7537893
    E-mail :

    Project Engineer (Direct Labour Projects)

    Eng. (Mrs.) H P Ranasinghe (Acting)Tele : +94 2678426
    Mobile : +94 71 7895565
    E-mail :

    Chief Management Assistance (Contracts)

    Mrs. P A SwarnalathaTele : +94 11 269119(1-9) Ext. 260

    Technical Officer (Coordination)

    Mrs. K G D AsokaTele : +94 11 269119(1-9) Ext. 227

    Technical Officer's Room

    Tele : +94 11 269119(1-9) Ext. 211

    On Going Projects

    Contract No. Project Name Contractor's NameContract Value (Rs.)
    ME/SR/BN/97/2008Construction of Gymnasium Building
    at Land Mark, Wanathamulla,
    Colombo - 08.
    Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.12,881,042.65
    ME/PH/BN/95/2009Construction of Pest Control Office at
    Ruwan Trade Center25,127,053.13
    ME/PL/BR/70/2010Proposed Amendments to Change
    the Elevation of the Public Library at
    Colombo - 07.
    Sadhana Construction (Pvt.) Ltd.9,812,264.00
    ME/PH/BR/36/2010Balance Work of
    St. Paul's Maternity
    Home at Gintupitiya,
    Colombo - 12.
    Techno Build11,851,916.75
    ME/VS/BN/86/2010Balance Work of Office Building,
    Dog Pound at Borella.
    Ruwan Trade Center10,609,350.14
    ME/HC/BN/23/2011Improvements to Thimbirigasyaya
    Dispensary Complex at Colombo - 05.
    Techno Build3,405,828.89
    ME/VS/BR/31/2011Repairing Roof and Ceiling
    at Kolpity Super Market,
    Colombo - 03.
    I.B.V. Realty & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd5,096,728.56
    ME/PH/BR/113/2011Fixing of Partitions at 2nd Floor Level
    of Maternity Home
    at New Bazzar, Colombo - 14.
    Ramesh Construction1,295,694.40
    ME/SR/BR/19/2011Renovation of Existing
    Community Center
    at Kuppiyawatta West
    Nisi Construction20,022,290.28
    ME/PH/BR/10/2012Refurbishment to Maternity and
    Child Health Welfare Section of
    Public Health Department at Deans Road
    Office Complex
    Nipuna Enterprises(Pvt)Ltd1,397,020.24
    Director (City Planning)
    Eng. H.A.Sena

    • 011-2692738
    • 011-2692738

    Services provided by the City Planning Division

    • Issuing of Street Line Certificates
    • Issuing of Sub Division / Amalgamation Permits
    • Issuing of Development Permit
    • Renewal of Development Permits
    • Issuing of Certificate of Conformity
    • Issuing of Certified copies of approved Plans and Permits
    • Issuing of Machinery Certificates

    As per the delegated authority under the Urban Development Authority Law, the City Planning Division of Colombo Municipal Council processes development applications within the limits of Colombo Municipal Council area with effect from 01.02.2017

    Authority for processing Development Permit and for issuing Certificate of Conformity is limited for developments for privately owned buildings which are up to 4 floors (ground + 3 floors), or floor area less than 4000 square feet.

    Authority for Subdivision or Amalgamation of lands is limited for the extent of land areas less than 40 purchases.

    Application Process

    Flow charts of applying for a development permit, certificate of conformity, sub-division or amalgamation of land parcels and documents required for such applications are listed to guide the developers.


    Contact Details

    Eng (Mrs) H E I Karunarathna

    Office : 0112-695914
    Fax : 0112-692738
    DesignationNameContact Details

    Director ( City Planning )


    Office : 0112- 692738
    Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :

    Deputy Director (Colombo North)

    Senior Planning Officer

    Plnr. D.T .Perera

    Office : 0112-690055 Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :


    Arch. S Vivekananthan

    Office : 0112-675996
    Fax : 0112-692738

    Engineer ( Building)

    Eng. Anuja Mendis

    Office : 0112-682124
    0112-691191- Ext 296
    Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :

    Engineer ( Planning 1)

    Eng. V P Nanayakkara

    Office : 0112-675985
    0112-691191- Ext 394
    Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :

    Engineer ( Planning 2)

    Eng. Samith Amarasinghe

    Office : 0112-675983
    0112-691191- Ext 393
    Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :

    Officer in Charge 1

    Mr.Nihal Fernando

    Office : 0112-675983
    0112-691191- Ext 387
    Fax : 0112-692738
    Email :

    Officer in Charge 2

    Mr. D.P.R.Pathishantha

    Office : 0112-675983
    Fax : 0112-692738
    0112-691191- Ext 285
    Email :

    Officer in Charge 3


    Office : 0112-675983
    Fax : 0112-692738
    0112-691191- Ext 295
    Email :

    Chief Buildings Draftsman

    Ms.K. Malani Wijaylatha

    Office: 0112-691383
    0112-691191- Ext 286
    Director Engineering - Works
    Eng. (Mrs) T D Abeysuriya

    B.Sc. Eng., C. Eng, MIE(SL), M.Sc. (Env.Eng. & Mgt)

    • 011 - 2685055
    • 077-1093124
    • 011-2685055
    • Municipal Engineers’ Department, Colombo Municipal Council, Town Hall, Colombo 7.

    Duties and Responsibilities of Works Division

    • Rehabilitation and maintenance of the entire public road network within the city of Colombo except Base Line Road, W.A. Silva Mawatha, Marine Drive, Cotta Road, Thimbirigasyaya Road (from Jawatta Road to Baseline Road) and Castle street section in front of Castle hospital which are managed by the Road Development Authority.
    • Maintenance of all the council buildings, playgrounds and the common areas within the city of Colombo.
    • Carrying out roads and buildings projects under decentralized budget through Hon. members of parliament, provincial council and other government agencies.
    • Upgrading the public amenities, access roads of the underserved settlements utilizing funds allocated for Hon. members of the council.
    • Removal and prevention of unauthorized structures within the state lands, Colombo Municipal Council lands and road reservations.
    • Development of private roads on payment as per the requests by the residents living in the private roads.
    • Carrying out the laboratory testing and quality assurance of the construction activities done by the other units of the division and other divisions.
    • Issuing of road excavation permits for all the utility agencies in order to carry out their augmentation projects, routine maintenance activities, emergency breakdowns and water leaks …etc.
    • Maintenance of Public Toilets within the city of Colombo
    • Assisting the disaster management activities during the disasters and currently Director Engineering (Works) is the main coordinator of CMC coordinator of the emergency response programme of the city in an event of a disaster..

    Structure of Works Division

    Projects Completed recently

    On Going Projects as at 08th March 2018

    Special Projects by the Works Division

    Sub Divisions

    Central Roads Maintenance Unit

    Main Responsibility of this division is to maintain and rehabilitate the Main roads within the city of Colombo while improving the aesthetic appearance except the roads which are maintained by the Road Development Authority. The division is responsible in maintaining the above said roads minimizing the inconveniences to the motorists and pedestrians. Rehabilitation and improvement of selected roads are carried out by this division every year. This included the improvements to foot walks by laying new kerb lines, providing parking bays, providing underground ducts for future utility development projects, making overhead street light cables underground with the assistance of Ceylon Electricity Board, paving foot walks with different designs, landscaping … etc

    In addition to the above main responsibility, issuing of road cutting permits for the utility agencies for their augmentation works and day to day service provisions, maintenance works and the emergency breakdowns. In this case, the division expects the fullest cooperation from the utility agencies to maintain a good road network within the city of Colombo. It is necessary to obtain the prior permission from this division for any kind of excavation work within the road network. Later the police permission should be grant by the customer. Though the permission is granted, it is necessary to inform this division about the exact date of excavation in order to reinstate immediately after the excavation.

    Under this division there are 2 main depots which are located at Campbell Park, Borella and Rajamalwatta road, Mattakkuliya. All the work forces are stationed in these locations. Most of the works are done by direct labour and only some specialized jobs are outsourced by the division

    This division is headed by a Deputy Director Engineering and there are 4 engineers in this division according to the newly approved cadre. The contact details are as follows:

    Eng. R A M C Ranasinghe

    Deputy Director Engineering (Works) CRMU

    • 011 691941
    • 011 2691941
    • 077-7313251
    • Municipal Engineers’ Department, Colombo Municipal Council, Town Hall, Colombo 7.
    Eng. K.D.T. Kuruppu

    Road Maintenance Engineer

    • 011 2686467
    • 077 7761963
    Eng. (Mrs) H.K.Ranawaka

    Road Construction Engineer 1

    • 011 2686468
    • 071 4454451
    Eng. (Mrs) B M J K Balasooriya

    Road Construction Engineer 2

    • 011 2691191 Ext. 514
    • 071 3940464
    Madampitiya Asphalt Plant and Yard

    Madampitiya Depot was established in 1988 in order to construct asphalt paved roads in the city. It produces asphalt concrete and cement concrete paving slabs and other precast concrete road furniture necessary for highway construction work.

    Some of its main functions are

    • Production of Asphalt Concrete
    • Laying of Asphalt Concrete in Colombo city roads and cold Asphalt milling.
    • Production of Precast Concrete items
    • Maintenance and repair of vehicles and machineries.
    • Maintenance and Installation of electrical electronic systems.

    As present two asphalt plants are operated and monthly average asphalt production is about 4000 Metric Tons. Out of this monthly production about 3000 Metric Tons are laid in the city roads by the laying gangs of the Depot. The balance quantity of the production is used by other road maintenance gangs of the division.

    The monthly Precast Concrete production is about 4000 Nos of items including hume pipes, road kerbs, reinforced concrete culvert slabs, paving slabs, gully covers, guard posts, flower pots, flag kerbs, compost bin etc.

    This division is headed by a Deputy Director Engineering and there are 3 engineers working in this division. The contact details are as follows:

    Eng. K Ramesh

    Deputy Director Engineering (Works) Madampitiya

    B.Sc. Eng., C.Eng., MIE(SL), M.Sc (Urban Env. Mgt), MSSE(SL)

    • 011 2527869
    • 011 2522861
    • 077 1093131
    • 293, Madampitiya Road, Colombo 14.
    Eng. L P R Suranga

    Depot Engineer

    • 011 2527865
    • 011 2522861
    • 077 7711033
    Eng. A M Sathyapala

    Mechanical Engineer

    • 011 2524059
    • 011 2522861
    • 071 4688400
    Eng. (Mrs) Nirasha Lakmali

    Electrical Engineer

    • 0112527863
    • 011 2522861
    • 077 2460363
    Material Laboratory

    Materials laboratory is situated at Madampitiya was opened in 1988 in order to maintain the quality of the construction work carried out by the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC)

    Main functions are

    • Testing of materials supplied for producing asphalt
    • Quality control of asphalt produced by CMC
    • Field testing of asphalt Surfaces
    • Quality control of precast concrete items
    • Site investigation and field testing of construction work
    • Testing of construction materials and product supplied to CMC
    • Research & Development work related to the construction work ((Specially, for road construction work)

    At present about 400 laboratory tests are done per month to control the quality of asphalt and precast items and other construction work carried out by CMC and contractors. Mainly these tests are related to asphalt concrete tests, Bitumen tests, Concrete tests, Thermo Plastic test and research & Development work related to the construction work etc.

    This division is headed by a Deputy Director Engineering and the contact details are as follows:

    Eng. D J C R Perera

    Deputy Director Engineering (Works) Materials Laboratory

    B.Sc Eng. MIE(SL). C.Eng., PG Dip. (Highway & Traffic Engineering)

    • 011 2523549
    • 011 2523549
    • 072 4121978
    • 293, Madampitiya Road, Colombo 14

    Engineer (Materials) – Vacant

    District Offices

    The Colombo city is divided into 6 district in order to decentralize the day to day services to the rate payers. Mainly it is divided into North and South and are headed by 2 deputy directors engineering specifically for North and South. Under the each Deputy Director Engineering there are 3 district engineers who are in-charges of each district.

    The main functions of the works section district offices are as follows:

    • Rehabilitation and periodic maintenance of minor roads in the relevant district.
    • Issuing of estimates and road excavation permits of the said roads
    • Maintenance of the council buildings within the district area
    • Implementation of the projects under the decentralized budget from members of parliament, western provincial council and other entities.
    • Implementation of members’ allocation projects on buildings and common areas within the district boundary.
    • Removing and preventing unauthorized structures.
    • Maintenance of public conveniences in the area.

    Maps of the district office boundaries

    a) Colombo North

    Eng. R A P Ranawaka

    Deputy Director Engineering (Works) North

    B.Sc.Eng.(Hons)C.Eng.,MIE(SL), Dip. (Drinking Water Mgt.)

    • 011 2323489
    • 011 2323489
    • 077 7514651
    • 163, Mihindu Mawatha, Colombo 12

    District Engineers of District 1, 2A and 2B are directly reporting to the deputy director Engineering (Works) North.

    District Office 1
    Eng. (Mrs) T.M.Idampitiya

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2447128
    • 011 2447128
    • 077 7313246
    • 63, Mahakumarage Mawatha, Colombo14
    District Office 2A
    Eng. R P S P Amarasinghe

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2431694
    • 011 2823489
    • 077 0284490
    • 163, Mihindu Mawatha, Colombo 12
    District Office 2B
    Eng. (Mrs) Nirodhani Pathiraja

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2329283
    • 011 2436888
    • 077 3679148
    • 37, Sri Jinarathana Mawatha, Colombo02

    b) Colombo South

    (Mrs) R M L D Bandara

    Deputy Director Engineering(Works)South

    B.Sc.Eng., C.Eng. MIE(SL)

    • 011 2672274
    • 011 2672274
    • 077 7537895
    • Campbell Park, Borella, Colombo 08.

    District Engineers of District 3, 4 and 5 are directly reporting to the deputy director Engineering (Works) South.

    District Office 3
    Eng. R.A.M.C. Ranasinghe

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2674340
    • 011 2698673
    • 077 7313251
    • Campbell Park, Borella, Colombo 08.
    District Office 4
    Eng. L B Kumudulal

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2514845
    • 011 2512673
    • 077 7313250
    • Robert Gunawardane Mawatha, Kirillapone, Colombo06
    District Office 5
    Eng. B.J.G. Dissanayake

    Chief District Engineer

    • 011 2582778
    • 011 2364142
    • 077 1093129
    • 66, Manning Place, Colombo 06
    Eng. Mr. R.A.T.P. Ranawaka
    Director Engineering (Water Supply & Drainage)

    • 011 - 2674809
    • 011 - 2692696

    B.Sc(Eng.), C.Eng., M. I. E. (S.I.)

    • 011 - 2698208
    • 011 - 2698208
    Eng. A. D. S. Rohana

    B Sc.(Eng.), C.Eng., M.I.E(SL), M. Sc. ( Hydro informatics)(Delft), P.G. Dip.(Construction Management)

    • 011 - 2691012
    • 011 - 2692696
    • 077 - 1093130
    Eng. G. N. Jayaweera

    B Sc. (Eng.)

    • 011 - 2681503
    • 011 - 2692696
    • 077 - 8314197
    Eng. H. A. Sena

    C. Eng., M.I.E.(SL), P.G. Dip.(Project Management)

    • 011 - 2694956
    • 011 - 2692696
    • 077 – 4511841 / 071 - 8205577


    Drainage Division

    Drainage division has six district offices for operation and maintenance of sewerage system and storm water lines in the city of Colombo. The six District Engineers (Drainage) are responsible for the routine maintenance of sewerage and storm water lines in their respective districts.

    Duties of District Engineers

    Sewer lines

    01. Receiving complaints from citizens in their respective districts and attending to them.

    02. Carrying out preventive maintenance.

    03. Attending to the breakdowns of sewer lines.

    04. Attending to the minor constructions of sewer lines

    Storm Water lines / open drains
    1. Attending to periodic cleaning of gullies and storm water lines.
    2. Attending to minor constructions of drains
    District Office Engineer Address T.No. Mobile Nos Email
    District 1 Eng. (Mrs) L.U. Preerthika 63, Mahakumarabe Mawatha, Colombo 14. 2399586 0777-580635
    District 2A Eng.(Mrs) Kaveetha Sanjeewan 163, Mihindu Mawatha, Colombo12 2431694
    District 2B Eng. (Mrs) P. Jayawardana 37, Sri Jinarathana Mawatha, Hunupitiya, Colombo 02. 2307710 O716-339955
    District 3 Eng. B.M.C.J. Kumara Community Centre Building, Campbell Park, Borella, Colombo 08. 2674340 O777-537894
    District 4 Eng. A. L. N. Nihar Robert Gunawardana Mawatha, Kirullopone, Colombo 06 2512596 077-4209826 -
    District 5 Eng. R Sanjeewan No.66, Manning Place, Wellawatte, Colombo 06 2362205 077-3595410




    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    Sri Wickramapura Canal



    Kadiranawatte Canal



    Crow Island canal



    Main Canal via Stadium



    Henemulla Canal



    Kimbula Ela



    Madampitiya Canal



    Ferguson Road Canal



    Rawatta Canal



    Crow Island Lake



    Elli Lane Drain



    Sumitrarama Main Drain



    Canal via Blumendol Road




    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    Drain along Saddarma Mawatha through st. Sebastian Canal



    Drain through De Mel Watta through st. Sebastian Canal



    Drain across Jethawana Road up to Sugathadasa stadium



    Drain across Dam Street ,Price place connected to Saunders Drain



    Drain at Armour street  flat.




    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    Maligawatta Canal ( Jeyantha Weerasekara Mw. To Pradeepa Mw.)



    Maligawatta Canal II ( Jeyantha Weerasekara Mw. To   Pradeepa Mw.)



    Norris Canal



    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    Sri Damma Mawatha Canal



    Norris Canal part



    Maitland Place up to Gregor’s Canal



    Independence Square Drains



    Gregory’s Canal



    Bawa Place Drain



    Fair Field Garden Drain



    Lesly Ranagala Drain




    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    Sarana Road Drain



    Keppetipola Mawatha Drain



    Suranimala Place Drain



    Park Road Drain



    Siddhartha Road Drain



    Robert Gunawardana Mawatha Main Drain



    Poorwarama Drain



    Drain along High Level Road



    Avarihena Drain



    Abayarama Main Drain



    Devi Balika Junction Drain



    Gothamipura Drain




    Name of the Drain

    Drain Length m


    5th Lane Drain



     Lauries Road Drain



    Arthusa College Drain



    Roxy Garden Drain



    Boswell place Sea Outfall Drain



    Lily Avenue Sea Outfall Drain


    Water Supply Division

    The main activities of the Water supply Division of Colombo municipality are,

    1. Supply of water, by tanks and bowsers, when necessary
    2. Maintenance of water services lines

    Supply of water tanks and water bowsers

    • For state functions
    • For religious ceromonies
    • For sports events

    Maintenance of water service lines in

    • Municipal Council buildings, such as
      1. Office buildings
      2. Dispensaries & Maternity Homes
      3. Markets etc;
    • Municipal Council parks

    Sewerage Pumping Stations

    Colombo Municipal Council

    The sewerage system of the Colombo city is operated by the Water Supply and Drainage Division of the Colombo Municipal Council. This system consists with 15 nos of sewerage pumping stations working continuously, which collect the residential and industrial waste water and, pump out to the deep sea by two sea outfalls.

    Sewerage pumping station network of Colombo City

    • Over 80% of the city is covered with a sewerage network constructed in the year 1902
    • Over 250Km of gravity lines are collected at 15 pumping stations
    • 15 pumping stations are connected with a network of force mains to take sewerage to two sea outfalls
    • Both outfalls are gravity type fitted with diffusers to achieve adequate dilution, and transport sewerage to the deep sea
    Madampitiya 05
    Vystwyke 03
    Harbour 04
    Maligawatta 04
    Wanathamulla 02
    CS3 04
    Achilon Square 03
    Borella 04
    Kirula 03
    Polwatta 04
    Bambalapitiya 03
    Slave Island 03
    Wellawatta 04
    Peterson lane 03
    Vauxhall Street 02

    Drainage House Connection Unit

    Drainage house connection unit of the Colombo Municipal Council is the authorized party for new house connections in sewered areas within the Colombo Municipal Council limits. There are about eighty registered drainage contractors who have authority to carry out drainge connections. The main task of this unit is to authorize the property connections to main public sewer. Unsewered areas are mainly depending on septic tanks and soakage pits. It is the responsibility of this unit to facilitate the resident in the Colombo Municipal Council city limit by providing the maintenance and disposal of sewer and strom water drainage.

    House Connection Unit

    Drainage and Storm Water Clearance

    • Subdivision amalgamation and Buliding Plans
    • Detailing only

    House Connection Work

    • New house connection
    • Repair work
    Issuance of Clearances for Sub Division /Amalgamation and Building Plans

    One of the clearances to be obtained from CMC drainage division before submitting the building plan to planning division

    Required the following documents

    1. The dully filled application form
    2. Original copy of the related survey plan
      • Original (6 Copies)
      • Photo copies ( 06 Copies)
      • Scale 1 : 1000 or 1 chain to 1 inch
        or Building Plan 07 copies
    3. Request letter
    4. Application processing fee receipt (Rs 200 + Taxes)
    Obtaining new water/ storm water connection or Repair / re-lay existing water/ storm water connection

    Required documents

    1. The dully filled application form submit through a registered CMC contractor in triplicate
    2. Approved building plan
    3. Development permit
    4. Water sanction letter
    5. Recently paid water/ electricity bill
    6. Receipt application processing fee
    Director Engineering
    Eng. (Mrs) S.A.K. Subasinghe

    B.Sc. (Eng.), C. Eng., M.I.E. (S.L.), PG.DIP. in Highway & Traffic Engineering

    • 011- 2695475
    • 011- 2695475
    • 0771093126
    Deputy Director Engineering (Environmental Development)
    Eng.(Mrs.) T. Gunaweera
    • 011- 2675987
    • 011- 2675987
    • 0777-580724
    ENGINEER (City Beautification)
    Eng. (Mr.) P.H.Y.W. Rupananda (Acting)
    • 011- 2431694
    • 077-1093122
    CITY PLANNER (North)
    Plnr (Mrs.) Dayoma S. Sarachchandra
    • 011- 2675987
    • 071 – 4424245
    CITY PLANNER (South)
    Miss. K. H. Anjali Madushani
    • 011- 2675987
    • 071 – 1856986
    SURVEYOR (Contract)
    Mr. Thusitha I. Abayasingha
    • 011-2686955
    • 078 -5137813
    Technical Officer(Vihara Maha Devi Park )
    Mr. P. Senevirathne
    • 011- 2692583
    • 071-2343297
    Technical Officer(Vihara Maha Devi Park )
    Mr. H.A. Jeewantha
    • 011- 2692583
    • 071-2264368
    Chief Management Assistant (Land Management)
    Miss. W. N. T. Weerakkody
    • 011- 2691191 - 297


    Colombo Municipal Council – Solid Waste Management Division is full responsible for the collection, transport and disposal of the Municipal Waste with in Colombo City. Resident population of Colombo city is around 555,031 and collection of waste is around 550 MT per day.  In addition to this an estimated six hundred thousand (600,000) people from various part of the Island coming to the City daily, for commercial, employment, school, hospital, tourism and other purposes. All of these people contribute to the Solid Waste Collected in Colombo City.

    The Solid Waste Management division, being the pioneer institution introduced the best Solid Waste Management practices in Sri Lanka, has been adopting various methods and practices such as Recycling, Home composting, Eco-School project, Eco-Kiosk Centers for the implementation of 3R on Solid Waste and in leading to adopt first ever Waste to Energy solution for the Solid Waste disposal problem in Sri Lanka. Household waste is collected free of charge from the citizens. However, a fee is charged for the collection of tree cuttings, debris and other non-hazardous Solid Waste. From Commercial establishments a trade refuse is charged for collection of commercial waste.

    The Management unit is situated at the Town Hall and the solid waste management services is carried out through Director Engineering Solid Waste Management and appropriate Engineers and the collection is done through the Six District Offices as mentioned below.

    For any Solid Waste Collection issues/complaints in your area, please contact following offices directly.

    CMC has requested all premises to segregate the municipal waste at source into three categories such as Degradable (organic waste) Waste, Recyclable Waste and Non-recyclable waste. Degradable waste collected at least 3 times a week and recyclable and non-recyclable waste collected once a week. Ward wise collection time tables published via leaflets and boards displayed in the area.

    Eco-kiosk Center (Recycling center)

    CMC facilitate the residents to handover the recyclable waste directly to the Eco-kiosk Centers daily between 6.00am to 6.00 p.m.

    Projects under taken by SWM division

    • Distribution of compost bins free of charge to the premises within municipal area on request.
    • Distribution of Green bins (15l) free of charge in selected underserved settlements (watte) to encourage source separation.
    • Waste Market is conducted every month.
    • Conducting awareness programs to General Public about Best practices on Solid Waste Management.
    • Eco-School Project – promote 3R among school children and create awareness about Best practices on Solid Waste Management.
    • Smart mobile application development
    • Smart bin and Smart truck for waste collection
    • CCTV installation and mobile CCTV implementation to reduce illegal disposal and littering.
    • Bailing of Non-recyclable waste.
    • Collected recyclable waste dispatched to Recyclers.
    • Fixing of litter bins.

    Waste to Energy Project

    An Agreement has been signed between Colombo Municipal Council and Western Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd. to install commission and operate the Waste to Energy Plant at Kerawalapitiya. Solid waste will be incinerated and converted in to Energy (10 MW), which will be supplied to the national Grid. This is a historical moment to solve the long standing issue of City’s waste disposal.

    Issuance of approval and clearance for solid waste proposals in High rise buildings.

    • SWM approval to be obtained prior to submitting the building application.
    • SWM clearance to be obtained in order to obtain the C.O.C
    • Before construction of any building; SWM approval should be obtained from this division. If violated, recommendation for C.O.C will not be issued for that development.

    Around 250- 300 MT of waste collected and sent for composting at Kerawalapitiya.

    About 15-25 MT/day of non recyclable waste is sent to Dompe sanitary landfill.

    Composting at Kerawalapitiya

    Waste to Energy Project

    An Agreement has been signed between Colombo Municipal Council and Western Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd. to install, commission and operate the Waste to Energy Plant at Kerawalapitiya. Solid waste will be incinerated and converted in to Energy (10 MW), which will be supplied to the national Grid. This is a historical moment to solve the long standing issue of City’s waste disposal.

    Issuance of approval and clearance for solid waste proposals in High rise buildings.

    • SWM approval to be obtained prior to submitting the building application.
    • SWM clearance to be obtained in order to obtain the C.O.C
    • Before consummation of any building; SWM approval should be obtained from this division. If violated, recommendation for C.O.C will not be given.

    Degradable waste collection

    Recyclable waste collection

    Door to door awareness campaign with Environmental Police