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Municipal Assessor

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This is one of the key department of the CMC which is responsible for assessing all kinds of properties for the purpose of rates, the main source of income for the council, and providing many other services in relation to the assessment and rates.

මෙතෙක් ලියාපදිංචි කර නොමැති දේපළ විස්තර / Not Registered Property Details

Services provided by the Assessor's Department

  • Assessment of properties for various purposes.
  • Issuance of Assessment Numbers.
  • Revision of Assessments
  • Registration of ownership of properties.
  • Issuance of certified copies of ownerships.
  • Objections to the Assessments
  • Remission of Assessments.
  • Record keeping & updating
  • Witness in courts/ represent rent review board
  • Delivering Annual Assessment Notices
  • Professional Advice to the council

Registration Ownership of properties

  • Request for Remission of Rates
  • According to the section 240 of Municipal Council Ordinance remission of rates could be granted for non occupation/ Vacant Premises.

    If any building, other than a building containing furniture, remains untenanted, remission of the rates payable in respect of such building could be considered for the untenanted period.

    The above remission will commence on the day which the Council receives a written notice of such non-tenancy and when it is re-occupied a written notice to be given to the council within three days of such re-occupation to terminate the remission, If a notice of re-occupation is not received within the said period, remission will terminate on a date one month prior to the date of re-occupation.

  • Objection to the Assessment
  • According to the section 236 of Municipal Council Ordinance,

    If any person is not satisfied with the assessment delivered could Lodge an objection at Municipal Office "within one month from the date of service of the statutory Notice" upon the premises assessed. Such objection must be in writing and must specify the grounds upon which the objection is made.

    application & other documents

    The requirements which should be fulfilled in submitting abstracts of title deeds to our Department are as follows:

    • A covering letter from the Notary Public (The address and the rubber stamp should be affixed in the letter).
    • Devolution of Title regarding the property for the past thirty (30) years.
    • Certificate of the Notary Public to the effect that the applicant is the owner of the property.
    • Notary Public is requested to obtain an A.T form collect it from the Department or download if from the web and it should be duly typed or filled in legible handwriting. Further it should be certified and rubber stamped by him.
    • Abstract of Title form should accompany a copy of the deed registered by the land registry to the grantee appearing in the AT.
    • A photocopy of the survey plan of the property.
    • Computer slip issued by the Municipal Treasurer to the effect that assessment taxes have been paid up to the last quarter in respect to the property.
    • Certificate of ownership will be sent to the Notary Public under registered cover and if the owner wishes to obtain the certificate from this Department directly, a letter certifying the signature of the owner obtained from the relevant Notary public should be forwarded.
    • If it is a Condominium property, approved copy of the Condominium plan should be submitted.

    To obtain certificates of ownership without delay, you are requested to extend your cooperation by adhering to the above instructions.

    The Certificate of ownership is issued within three (3) days under the single window counter if the documents are in order as per the check list.

    Find it

    • Dates of Objection inquiries regarding to objection to Assessment.
    • Certified copies of ownership certificate
    • Extract of Assessment for court case and Rent Board inquiries.
    • Certified copies from Town Survey sheets
    • Quinquinniel Revision

    The Assessment of following wards will be revised with effect from 01.01.2021.

    Officers have already commenced the field work.

    Municipal Assessor

    Municipal Assessor’s Department