Social Services

Charity Commissioner
Mrs. Surani T Sirimanna


Massage from the Charity Commissioner

I am very lucky to be the head of the Public Assistance Department of Colombo Municipal Council established in 1928. Our main objective is to look after the needy people in the city from birth to death. Our department is responsible for public assistance, disaster management, educational development and social development.


Empowering the residents in the City of Colombo, enabling them to stand on their own feet with self-help, so as for them to behave on a par with the other residents in the City of Colombo.


Molding organized, cheerful, and content group of individuals, empowered by new life of economical, physical and mental elevations.

  • Baddegama Wimalawansa Mawatha, Colombo 10.       Tel: 0112693903
Designation Name Tel No Fax No
Charity Commissioner Mrs. Surani T Sirimanna 011-2696123 011-2696263
Assistant Charity Commissioner (Admin) MrsH.D Thusharika
(SLAS 111)
011-2696123 do
Assistant Charity Commissioner (Social service) (Vacant) 011-2693096 do
Accountant Mrs.U.K.D Narmada (Acting) (SLACS) 011-2679620
Registrar Mr.KamalPadmaperuma 011-2662918
Staff Assistant Mrs.W.E.Walpita 011-2672906 do
Staff Assistant Mrs.E.DEdirisinghe 0112662918
Staff Assistant Mr. W. G. S. R. Wijeneththi 0112662918
Reliving Officer Mr.Nalin De Alwis 0112672906/2662918 do
Mr. P. H. Sarathchandra 0112672906/2662918
Mr. R. A. A. R. Jayasekara 0112672906/2662918
Mr. A. A. G. Dhrmarathna 0112672906/2662918
Mrs DM NalaniKumarihami 0112672906/2662918
Mrs. D. M. G. P. Dissanayake 0112672906/2662918
Mrs. E. H. Nadeeka 0112672906/2662918
Superintendent City Home for Elders - Mr. W. G. S. R. Wijeneththi 0112773856
Matron CrecheModara –
Ms. CairoonNiza
Matron Abdul HameedCreche – Mrs.K.M.PAmbalanduwa 0112323941
Matron NawagampuraCreche – Mrs.VinithaRanavira 0113054995

Child and Elder Care

Wickramasinghepura, Battaramulla

Elders Section
  • Male 37
  • Female 56
Children Section
  • Male 09
Child Day-careCenters
  • ModaraCreche 24
  • Abdul HameedCreche 11
  • Nawagampura Creche 16

01 SamanAbegunarathna Pre - School Ven. BaddhegamaVimalawanshahimiMawatha, Maradana
02 Jummamustjith Pre - School Maligawatta, Colombo 10.
03 Gunasinghapura Pre - School Colombo Port, Colombo 01.
04 Peterson Pre - School Peterson Lane, Wellawatta, Colombo 06.
05 Nagaswatta Pre - School Kirulapona.
06 Wakanda Pre - School Wakanda Road, SlaveIsland, Colombo 02.
07 Stanlyjans Pre - School Alwis place, kollupitiya, Colombo 03.
08 N.M. Pereira Pre - School Palangasthuduwa Road, Wanathamulla, Boralla.
09 JayanthaMallimarachchi Pre - School Stadium village, Colombo 13.
10 Parakrama Pre - School Parakkrama Rd, Grandpas, Colombo 14.
11 New Bazar Pre -School Amar Street, Colombo 14.
12 Gunapala Silva Pre - School Madampitiya Road. Colombo 14.
13 NAITA Pre- school Miyus street. Colombo 02

Fund receiving pre schools

SingithiKadalla Pre School Sri DharmasramaViharaya, 34, BeslineMawatha, Borella.
SiriWikum Pre School Sri Wickramaramaya, 62, Sri Wickramaramaya mw, Mattakuliya, Colombo 15.
Sri Kalyani Pre School Sri KalyaniGangaramaya, Sri KalyaniGangaramaya Mw Mattakuliya, Colombo 15.
Sri Gnanawimala Pre School Gnanawimala Sri MahaViharaya, 85, Gnanawimala Rd, Dematagoda, Colombo 09.
Vishwa Pre School State Rd, Colombo 14. (Temporary closed)
Lahiru Pre School Methmunindaramaya, K-19, Rainway Fourth, Dematagoda, Colombo 09.
Nawagampura Pre School Sri Dharmavijayaramaya, Nawagampura, Stace Rd, Colombo 14.
Ekamuthu Pre School Asiri Pre School,KadiranaEstate,Ekamuthupura,Mattakkuliya
Dharma Jayanthi Pre School Sri BodiSumuddraramaya, 40, De Seram Road, Modara, Colombo 15.
KelaniNadee Pre School KelaniNadeeViharaya, Ferguson Road, Colombo 15.
Asoka Pre School Asoka Buddhist Center, 823/A, SirimawoBandaranayake Mw, Colombo 14.
Sri Rahula Pre School 20, Magazine Rd, Borella.
DarmaDhutha Pre School No: 330, Alvitigala Mw, Colombo 05.
Sri Somarama Pre School Sri BodhirajaDharmayathanaya, L90/94, Gnanawimala Rd, Demtgod, Colombo 05.
Sri Gawthama Pre School Sri GawthamaViharaya, 26, Dabare Lane, Narahenpita, Colombo 05.
Sithum Pre School SiriNandanaramaya, 594/1, Bloemendal Rd, Colombo 15.
Sri SamaViharastha Pre School The Sri Viharaya, 534, Baseline Road, Dematagoda, Colombo 09.
RahulaThissa Pre School 20, Ruhunukala Mw, Borella, Colombo 08.
SadahamPre School Ariyawansaramaya, Dematagoda.
Empire Pre School 189/87, Torington Avenue, Colombo 07.
Sri AthulaDassana Pre School Bauddhaloka Mw, Colombo 07.
Sangamiththa Pre School Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15.
KajaraamUdayam Pre School 1/3, E-1, Kadiranawatte, Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15.
Minimuthu Pre School Sri Isipathanaramaya, 180/34, Grandpass Rd, Colombo 14. . (Temporary closed)
SaymyojeeUdara Pre School Sri Pushparamaya, 41/11, Kirulapona Mw, Colombo 06.
SiriRahal Pre School Sri Poorvaramaya, Kirulpon, Colombo 05.
Vidyalankara Pre School 37, Sri Dharmarama Road, Dematagoda, Colombo 09.