City of Colombo

Situated in the western province of Sri Lanka, Colombo is the island's capital. Diverse and vibrant, the city is the administrative and economic center of the country.

Colombo is Sri Lanka's largest city, home to around a million people is also one of the busiest ports in the South Asia. Colombo was the capital for over two hundred years until the capital was shifted to nearby Sri Jayawardenepura, but remains the hub and heart of the city.

The city offers historical monuments, colonial architecture, beaches, fine dining, vibrant night life and lots of shopping. Its architecture has been influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonization and is very visible in the buildings surrounding the city.

The New Parliament is situated at Sri Jayawardenapura on the outskirts of Colombo, while the Old Parliament on Galle Road is now the Presidential Secretariat.

The Galle Face Green promenade is currently a 5 hectare ribbon strip of land between Galle Road and the Indian Ocean, which is now the largest open space in Colombo. There are many large hotels that border the strip and its surroundings have been earmarked for city development including many more 5 start hotels.

The city is also cluttered with temples, mosques, and churches catering to the diverse population that enrich the culture of the city.

City Profile

Colombo is the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka with 555,031 inhabitants. It is Expanded by nearly 500,000 Daily Floating Population. The City Covers an Area of 37 Sq. Km divided into Six Districts for its Administrative Purposes

  • Budget Rs. 16.9 Billion
  • Residential Properties – 106,068
  • Commercial Properties – 35,604
  • Government Properties – 10,158
  • Exempted Properties – 3,671
  • Total Number of Properties – 155,501