Indigenous Medical Services

Chief Ayurvedic Medical Officer
Dr. M J Marasinghe

BAMS (Col), D.A.H.M (Kelaniya), Dip. Marketing (Rajarata), PDPA (PIM), MBA

  • 011-2695745 / 011-2695781
  • 011-2691563
General Office

Department of Indigenous Medicine,
No. 79, CMC New Office Complex,
Baddegama Wimalawansha Himi Mawatha,
Colombo 10.

Our Vision

Health for Colombo citizens through Pioneers of Indigenous Medicine.

Our Mission

Planning and Implementing Ayurveda Health Curative and Promotive services through Indigenous Medicine.


As stated by our vision, our aim is to promote health for all citizens of Colombo, as pioneers, through the systems of Indigenous medicine. We believe in Holistic approach of healthcare and also recognizes the value of prevention, and we are promoting healthy lifestyles and self-care practices which could help to determine the ultimate cause of illness. We seek to empower individuals to take an active role in their own health and well-being. By promoting these traditional systems of medicine, our aim is to preserve time-tested knowledge that has been refined over thousands of years.

System of Indigenous medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare, by recognizing each and every individual is unique and may require different method of treatments based on the body constitution and history of health. Our aim is to deliver, a comprehensive healthcare services by developing preventive, curative and rehabilitative methods. Our Qualified Ayurveda physicians are providing consultation and treatments according to the relevant health requirements, based on Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Acupuncture methods of treatments, along with complimentary system of medicine. Panchakarma treatments, Ayurvedic orthopedic treatments and Acupuncture treatments are conducted in specialized dispensaries.

Not only delivering curative care for the citizens, but also the department is mainly concern about preventive measures, by delivering number of health awareness programs to do mapping the fluctuations of non-communicable and communicable diseases among the city population. The awareness programs are mainly based on healthy food patterns, promotion of traditional foods, food preparing methods and about domestic quick herbal remedies. Our aim is to reduce non communicable diseases, and promote health among city population.

Incorporating the methods of traditional systems of medicine and modern technology, we are manufacturing high-quality herbal drugs, at our Manufactory to fulfill the 90% of the requirement of all twenty-four dispensaries, under the department. By exploring our vision, we are endeavoring to initiate herbal plantation, as to the approach of Farm to Factory Concept, and promoting domestic herbal plantation.

By following above number of strategies, our goal is to create more comprehensive and effective approach to healthcare, via Traditional systems of medicine.

Working Hours

Our all 24 dispensaries are open from 8.30 am to 12.30 noon and 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm, on weekdays and from 8.30 am to 04.30 pm, on Saturdays.

Locations of Dispensaries

Name of the Dispensary


Contact number

Head office

No.79, C.M.C. New Office Complex, Baddegama Wimalawansa Himi Mw
Maradana - Colombo 10.

Office : 2695745
Fax : 2691563

Deputy Office

No.40, 1/2, New Metro Building, Colombo 02.

Drugs Manufacturing factory

144,Veluwana Place, Dematagoda, Colombo 09.


Dematagoda Dispensary,

No. 144, Veluwana Place, Colombo 09


Kotahena Dispensary (Eastern),

No.70, Paramananda Vihara Mawatha,Colombo 13.


Kirulapana Dispensary,

No. 25, Sena Square, Colombo 06.


Kollupitiya Dispensary,

No. 332, Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


Stuart Street Dispensary,

No.1,Stuart Street, Colombo 02.


Maradana Dispensary,

No. 54, Mohideen Masjid Road, Colombo 10


New Bazaar Dispensary,

No. 110, Stace Road, Colombo 14.


Pamankada Dispensary,

No. 231, Shopping Complex Gall Road, Colombo 06


Siddha Dispensary,

No. 231, Shopping Complex Gall Road, Colombo 06


Unani Dispensary,

No.79, C.M.C. New Office Complex,
Baddegama Wimalawansa Himi Mawatha,
Maradana, Colombo 10


Mattakkuliya Dispensary,

No. 48/3, Farm Road, Mattakkuliya


Muthuwalla Dispensary,

No. 93, Upper St. Anthony Place, Colombo 15


Madampitiya Dispensary,

No. 350/8, Madampitiya Road, Colombo 14.


Polwatte Dispensary,

No. 72 B, Dharmakeerthiyarama Road, Colombo 03.


Keselwatte Dispensary,

No.  01, Dewana Maradana, Colombo 10


Modera Dispensary,

No. 64/74, Modera Weediya, Colombo 15.


Kuppiyawaththa Dispensary (Western),

No. 728, 1st Maradana, Colombo 08.


 Kotahena  Dispensary (Western)

91,Gunawardana Street, Kotahena, Colombo 13


Thimbirigasyaya Dispensary,

No.32, Jawatha Road, Colombo 05


Deans Road Dispensary,

No.79, C.M.C. New Office Complex,
Baddegama Wimalawansa Himi Mawatha,
Maradana, Colombo 10



Armour Street Dispensary

40/199 A, Sri Sumanathissa Mawatha,
Colombo 12


New Ham Square Dispensary

No.15, New Ham Square, Colombo 13.


Acupuncture treatment Centre

No.33/A, Ananda Rajakaruna Mw, Punchi Borella, Colombo 08.