1. Site Plan

Please submit the originals of approved Sub-division /Amalgamation plan and permit or approved building plan and development permit or Survey plan for site existence from 1986.

2. If access/light and ventilation obtained from a private road.

Please submit

  1. Certified Copies of Deeds with relevant Survey plans & other documents
  2. A certified copy of Pedigree
  3. A certified copy of Title Report

3. If the ownership of land is with a company

Please submit

  1. Certificate of Incorporation ( Form 41)
  2. Particulars of Directors / Secretary (Form 20)
  3. A company resolution appointing two authorized persons to proceed with the application.

4.Indemnity form

Please submit the Indemnity form attached with the Building Application, indemnifying the Colombo Municipal Council, against any damages to adjacent structures movable and immovable due to the construction. This should be followed by an Insurance Policy prior to one week of commencement of construction, insuring 3rd parties against any damages or property or person

5.Undertaking letters

Please submit the letters of undertaking for the following, if applicable

Submission of Insurance Policy one week prior to the commencement of construction work, insuring third parties against any damages or property or person when constructing more than four floors and/ or basement floors.

Submission of Qualified Persons certificates for installation of air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, fire protection system, Lift/Elevator, Generator etc; along with the application for Certificate of Conformity

6.Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)

Please submit a TIA prepared by a Qualified Person at the following instances.

  1. When the development exceeds 49 on site parking bays
  2. Any commercial or condominium development within a 50m intersection, where number of parking bays exceed
    • 1. five for commercial
    • 2. ten for residential
  3. Any development in excess of 100 trips of in and out combined in peak hours.

7.For Industrial Developments

Please submit

  1. capacities of machinery
  2. noise levels of all the machines
  3. number of persons to be employed.