Public Health Department's effort to keep numbers of Dengue at minimal.

Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni, The Chief Medical officer of Health and his staff of The Public Health Department of Colombo Municipal Council continue with the same effort as during the peak of epidemic to eradicate mosquito breeding though reported cases are minimal at the moment.


Early morning Shramadana Programme at D5

14/9/2017 Container Collection from Thalakotuwattha & Siddharthapura – D4

14/09/2017 Early morning fogging at BMICH

14/9/2017 ICON spraying at Polhengoda - D4

16/9/2017 Early morning fogging at Park Road, Shalika Hall and around-D4

16/9/2017 Early morning fogging at D5

19/9/2017 ICON spraying at Kalinga Mawatha - D4

20/09/2017 A Mosquito breeding place found Chithra lane flats. Abate Spraying Done and legal action taken - D4