Mosquito Control Activities by the Public Health Department

The Public Health Department of Colombo Municipal Council headed by Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni had a successful year 2017 in vector control. Many new projects were initiated in order to control the spread of mosquitoes. And to minimize the cases of Dengue.

Starting off with a National Dengue program and many other vector control activities, we hope to have the lowest reported cases thus far this year.

Dengue Control Programme   - 2018

(22.02.2018 -23.02.2018 )

Sri Wajiragnana mw, 189 Watta District 2B inspection on 06.03.2018

District 2B - Early morning fogging at church street with all lanes, Stuart street, Justice Akbar mawatha with pest control team on 2018 03 06.

District 2 A - Evening fogging at Wulvandaal st

District 4 - Evening Fogging (73/4,kirillapone Av  / 176/22,Thimbirigasyaya Road  /  Elvitigala Flats) D4 5/3/18