Opportunity for Registered Licensed Surveyors (RLS) for Surveying in Colombo Municipality Area

Opportunity for Registered Licensed Surveyors (RLS)

for Surveying in Colombo Municipality Area

In line with the government’s efforts to streamline services through technological advancement, the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) partnered with the Registering Property Task Force to commence Colombo City into a digitally transformed land record with accurate data. This initiative expects to benefit across all government agencies involved in property registration, the private sector, and most importantly citizens to possess accurate land records of their properties. 


We want you to be partnered with us to carry this important initiative by providing your services to citizens in Colombo and cordially invite you to get registered at the Colombo Municipal Council to extend your services.

Interested RLS are invited to download application form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1fg805ItEOj3-9A0CK-IQHc4Ap_sFpY8f7eFVumUvWgnZFQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

for registration and send duly completed applications to receive Director Development, Colombo Municipality Council, Town Hall, Colombo 07, 00700, on or before 28.02.2023. Suitable candidates who are able to deliver their services with described standards attached to application, will be selected through an interview.

Eligibility requirements:

The Registered Licensed Surveyors (RLSs) who are willing to apply for registration at CMC, should have the following qualifications and capacity to carry out land surveyors and provide surveyed data.

Qualifications of a surveyor to apply for registration at CMC:

1.      The Licensed Surveyor should be a Registered Licensed Surveyor (RLS) at Land Survey Council of Sri Lanka.

2.      The interested RLS must have valid Annual Practicing Licenses issued by the Land Survey Council of Sri Lanka.

3.      The RLS should have received a certificate of Accreditation from the Survey Department of Sri Lanka.

4.      The RLS should be capable of dealing with CAD Software

5.      The ability of RLS to handle modern instruments in surveying will be an added qualification.

General guidelines to follow:

1. The land survey should be conducted according to the guidelines of the “Technical Manual for Registered Licensed Surveyors ’’ prepared to publish by the Survey Department and should abide by the changes made by the Survey Department of Sri Lanka from time to time.

2. Land surveys should be carried out on a suitable method after connecting to the SLD99 control network (preferably CORS) established by the Survey Department of Sri Lanka.

Other requirements for RLS to agree with:

1.      Digital drawing file of the plan should be submitted in “.dxf” format to CMC.

2.      Scanned copy of the signed plan saved in “.pdf” format should be submitted            to CMC.

3.      Hardcopy of the signed plan should be submitted to CMC.

4.      Since the requirements of this survey are initiated to proceed with documents to CMC for property registration, CMC has the sole right to publish this data through the WEB application of CMC and to issue this data for the Survey Department of Sri Lanka to proceed further to prepare and publish cadastral based Land Information System.

Those who have the above qualification and are willing to work under above mentioned conditions can apply for registration.


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