Exposure visit of the delegates from Kolhumadulu Atoll Council, Maldives

A delegation from Kolhumadulu Atoll Council of Maldives has visited CMC on 13th October 2023. The purpose of this visit was to explore and learn the local council management strategies and processes including

-  Waste management systems

-  Urban development strategies

-  Municipal services and

-  e- governance and digitalization

The delegation was led by the President of the Council. The Secretary General, Council Executive, Senior Council Official of the Kolhumadulu Atoll Council and First Secretary of the Maldives Embassy in Sri Lanka were consisted in the delegation.

In a meeting at the Committee Meeting room, CMC officials did comprehensive presentations on above subject areas followed by a discussion that both parties received a productive opportunity for sharing best practices of their Councils. Later, the delegation participated a site inspection at the Kerawalapitiya dumping station, where they received a great exposure on CMC’s Waste Management initiatives.

YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p73DfSKm7NE