Submission of Building Application with necessary clearances/documents

Building application & instructions


1. Who requires Drainage Clearances?

Those who are intend to develop their lands within the Colombo city limit

2. How to obtain Drainage Clearances?

(Please follow the steps given below)

  • Step 1:- Download the printable version of the application form here or collect it from Drainage Division, Maligakanda and fill it carefully.

  • Step 2:- Obtain bill card from House Connection Section of Drainage Division to pay processing fee. Payment should be making at Town Hall, Colombo 07
    Processing fee for storm water clearance - Rs.100/= + VAT
    for sewer clearance -Rs.100/= + VAT

  • Step 3:- Submit completed application form along with receipt of the payments made and Survey plan(s) or building plan(s) to Drawing Office of House Connection section of Drainage Division, Maligakanda

Please note that survey plan or site plan should be in 1:1000 scales

  • Engineer House Connection
  • 011-2692066
  • Municipal Engineer's Department,Colombo Municipal Council,Maligakanda,Colombo 10.

if you have a street line & building line certificate obtained after 01/01/2009,you need not obtain again.

If all the requirements are fulfilled the certificate will be issued within two days

Who requires?

Essential for all applications

From Where?

City Planning Division, Town Hall, Colombo 07.


Submit the application


  • Two copies of survey plan in scale 1:1000 or 1 chain to an inch with correct assessment numbers
  • Photocopy of owners Identity Card
  • Photocopy of Authorized persons Identity Card, If certificate is to be collected by any other person

Who requires?

From Where?

Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and development Cooperation

Who requires?

If the developable land within 300m from coastal permanent vegetation line

From Where?

Coast Conservation Department

Who requires?

For the buildings exceeding seven(G + 6) Floors

From Where?

Civil Aviation Department

Who requires?

Hospitals, light industries etc.

From Where?

Central Environmental Authority

Who requires?

Condominium properties with five or more units

From Where?

Condominium Management Authority

Who requires?

Special Projects/Areas such as Beira Lake reservation, Independence square and surrounding, Redevelopment project of Colombo fort and slave island

From Where?

Urban Development Authority

Who requires?

If affected by the railway, river,road and/or any other reservation

From Where?

From relevant Organizations such as railway department, Irrigation Department, Road Development Authority etc.

Fire Service Department

Building Plans Approvals
(Fire Safety Recommendations for the Building Plans)

  • For all non residential buildings/usages and for the residential buildings consisting four(G +3) floors & above.

  • Download the Fire Requirements Application Form and fill with correct details.(Submit two copies of accurate building plans)

  • CMC Fire Service Department, T.B. Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10.

  • Divisional Fire Officer (Fire Prevention)

  • 011 2683370

  • Week days from 09.00 hours to 15.30 hours.

Fire safety recommendations for the building plan will be issued within three days.(Buildings up to 04 storied)

Colombo Municipal Council/Municipal Engineers Department/Solid Waste Management Division

Guidelines For The Preparation of Solid Waste Management Proposals

The Solid Waste Management Proposals shall comply with the provisions of relevant Ordinance, Acts of Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and other subordinate legislations, Regulations, By-laws, National Policy on Solid Waste Management, Technical guidelines etc., including the followings

  1. Municipal Council ordinance No. 16 of 1947 with special attention on Section 129, Section 130 and Section 131 and By-laws No-1, 29, 30,31, 32, 33,34,44,45,46,47,54,58 and 61. National Environmental Act No.47 of 1980 and the Amendment Act No.56 of 1988.

  2. Section 3 and 8 of Urban Development Act (UDA) No. 41 of 1978 and UDA Amendment Act No. 4 of 1982.

  3. Technical Guidelines on Solid Waste Management Published by Central Environmental Authority (CEA)

  4. a.)Regulations for hazardous waste Management published by CEA in the Gazatte Extra Ordinary No. 924/13 dated 23rd May 1996.

  5. b.)CEA guideline for the implementation of Hazardous Waste

  6. National Policy on Solid Waste Management.

  7. Nuisance Ordinance No. 15 of 1862 .

  8. Police Ordinance No.16 of 1865

Fire safety recommendations for the building plan will be issued within three days.(Buildings up to 04 storied)

The Report may be prepared under the following topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Usage of floor space
  4. Data Used
    a.)Residential buildings
    b.)Office buildings
    c.)Other purpose
  5. Computation of probable waste generation and Source Segregation Waste.
  6. Computation of quantity of Non Bio Degradable Recyclable Waste
  7. National Colour code for segregated waste
  8. Inhouse collection Methodology
  9. Waste minimization Techniques
  10. Temporary storage Method ( if any.)
  11. Waste Transfer system to the final collection chamber.
  12. Miscellaneous computation of the waste stream and containerization.
  13. Implementation programme
  14. Marking of all details on Architectural Drawing.

Note: The access road shall be adequate for the easy movement and crossing of garbage collection vehicles.

  1. The clear height of the floor having final collection chamber shall be adequate for easy access of compactor trucks to the chamber.
  2. There shall be adequate space inside the premises for the parking and turning of compactor trucks, during the collection of Solid Waste. Loading of solid waste by keeping the Compactor trucks out side the premises is not allowed.
  3. Direct disposal of garbage into a chute / channel structure is not recommended in order to avoid spillage of garbage or leachate liquid.
  4. Final collection chamber for organic waste shall be maintained in a temperature not exceeding 100 C.
  5. It is recommended to keep the garbage in wheel mounted bins with lids and stored in the Final Collection Chamber.
  6. Only the Municipal Solid Waste will be accepted. Medical / clinical / Health care waste or Industrial Waste or Chemical waste or Atomic / radio active Waste or any other toxic / hazardous waste will not be accepted. Director Engineering (Solid Waste Management )

Category of developments require Solid Waste Management Approval

Any new development or alteration / addition to existing building (G+3) or above or having floor area of 1500 square meters or above is required to obtain approval for Solid Waste Management.

  • Obtain approval for Solid Waste Management proposals
  • Contact Details:
    Director Engineering (Solid Waste Management),
    Solid Waste Management Division ,
    Municipal Engineers Department,
    Colombo Municipal Council,
    Town Hall, Colombo 07,
    Telephone No: 2691222,
    Fax: 2674314
  • Preparation of Solid Waste Management Proposals as per guidelines
  • Solid Waste Management proposals should be prepared by a qualified person who is competent enough in writing Solid Waste Management proposals.
  • Submission of Solid Waste Management Proposals.
  • Request for the approval for proposal shall be submitted in writing by the owner or qualified person appointed by the owner.
  • Two copies of proposed building plans, properly marked with the location of bins, temporary storage rooms and collection chambers of segregated Municipal Solid Waste shall be submitted with the proposal to Director Engineering (Solid Waste Management), Colombo Municipal Council at Town Hall, Colombo 07.
  • Time required for granting approval for the Solid Waste Management proposal.
  • Approval will be given within five (05) working days for the duly prepared and submitted proposal for the Solid Waste Management.
  • Clearance for the Implemented Solid Waste Management Proposals as approved
  • Contact Details:
    Director Engineering (Solid Waste Management),
    Solid Waste Management Division,
    Municipal Engineers Department,
    Colombo Municipal Council,
    Town Hall, Colombo 07.
    Telephone No: 2691222,
    Fax: 2674314
  • All the approved Solid Waste Management proposals should be implemented properly before submitting application to obtain clearance.
  • Approved plans shall be submitted to Director Engineering (Solid Waste Management), Colombo Municipal Council at Town Hall, Colombo 07. when making application to get clearance.
  • Time required for issuing clearance for Solid Waste Management.
  • Solid Waste Management clearance will be given within three (03) working days if all the proposals are implemented and the conditions are complied with.

Documents (further details)

  1. Site Plan
  2. A copy of owner's National Identity Card
  3. If the application is submitted by a representative of owner a copy of his/her I.D.
  4. If access/light and ventilation obtain from the private road.
  5. If a company
  6. Indemnity form
  7. Undertaking letters
  8. Traffic Impact Assessment(TIA)
  9. An affidavit to be submitted certifying that all the documents submitted by the owner / developer along with the application are true and accurate.
  10. For Industrial Developments


Submission will be accepted by the receving counter of the City Planning Division , Town Hall, Colombo 07.